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The Right Lawn Care Plan for Your Property’s Gorgeous and Lush Outdoor Area

So, you have decided to spend the upcoming weekend doing some yard work. You are taking out the garden tools and chemicals to spray the weeds. You are also preparing the lawnmower. Why bother with all those exhausting tasks when Josue's Land Maintenance Crew is here to facilitate you? Not only will we carry out all those jobs for you, but help achieve the most affirmative result. We specialize in residential and commercial lawn care in the vicinity of Fairfield, CA. Discover the advantages of our work below.

Our Professional Services:

Full Lawn Care
Our professional lawn service is ideal for creating the right action plan for your yard. We provide comprehensive lawn maintenance programs that encompass all the aspects of accomplishing a lush lawn. Our technicians will inspect the condition of the grass and test the soil for nutrients. We have the eagle eye to spot the small weeds and lawn pests. Make your lea the envy of the neighborhood with our special tips for spring, summer, fall, and winter. The appearance and freshness of your grassland is all our job!

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing
Many clients ask us about the frequency of lawn mowing. We can provide you with tips and tricks, but performing that essential task on your behalf will bring a satisfying result. Our competent team knows which level on the lawnmower to use for your lea, depending on its size and the height of the greenery. As we are cutting the grass, we can create a design making your property more beautiful than ever. We always keep our equipment clean and maintained, as well.

Fence Installation & Repair

Fence Installation & Repair

Want to create boundaries around your home? Need to secure your entrance? Whatever your fencing needs might be, we can help you! We provide excellent products and assist with the following projects: custom fence installation, wood fence installation, and fence repair. We have multiple completed projects. Call us now to show you examples. 

Tree Trimming, Tree Removal & Cleanup Services

Tree Trimming, Tree Removal & Cleanup Services

Rely on our qualified professionals to assist you with the yard cleanup after a storm. They will guarantee your trees are properly trimmed before the event and help you dispose of fallen leaves, branches, and other debris. We can also help you with tree removal projects. Reach us to learn more.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

There is an easy way to keep your lawn lush and green, and it is using an irrigation system. Be it one that works on its own or needs you to put it on manually, residential and commercial irrigation system designs bring many benefits. We specialize in irrigation system installation, irrigation system diagnosis, and sprinkler system installation work. If you need help, call us! 

Grass & Turf Installation

Grass & Turf Installation

Elevate your outdoors with our excellent grass installation and turf installation services. We specialize in bringing life to your landscapes, whether you dream of a backyard oasis or a cozy front patio. Our team ensures precision in every installation, from choosing the appropriate grass and turf to the meticulous process of laying it down and aftercare, of course.

Client’s Testimonial

Sep 30, 2021
I Love My Lawn

I have been a customer of this lawn care company for a few years. The technicians always help me with various tasks depending on the season. They have been properly maintaining my greenery, and I am satisfied with the final result. 

So Many Benefits for You

Whether you choose us among other lawn care companies for mowing, weeding, or any other of our quality services, we promise you will be impressed by our unquestionable skills and know-how. You may spend the most time relaxing outdoors in spring, but caring for your lawn is a year-long job that takes discipline, physical effort, and specific knowledge. Our team will suggest putting a plan together to help you stay on top of what needs doing at different times of the year. 

How the Process Works

When proposing customer-oriented maintenance rosters, our professional technicians consider many important factors, like the local climate, weather, the type of grass, etc. Our team of meticulous lawn technicians will come to aerate the soil, install mulch, remove any weeds, and clean the whole yard, making your property in Fairfield, CA look amazing and well-manicured.

The Areas We Serve

We provide services to clients from these areas:

  • Fairfield, CA
  • Vacaville, CA
  • Green Valley, CA
  • Rio Vista, CA
  • Winters, CA
  • Pacheco, CA
  • Vine Hill, CA
  • Benicia, CA

Get in touch with Josue's Land Maintenance Crew to book our affordable lawn service. For any questions, appointments, or bids, call us today.

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  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
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